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Eve helping with the 'I Am' visionboards

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Guiding girls to live wholeheartedly

Welcome to Wild, Wise and Worthy

How would the world look if our children grew up fully empowered, full of self-worth, able to communicate what they want and what they feel?

How would our life be if women were in tune with their bodies, their cycles and if all people, men and women, girls and boys valued that?

Or if each and every person had an equal voice and could listen with close attention to the other?

If men and women stood side by side to lead our communities, states, countries?


Wild, Wise and Worthy run girls’ circles to help reach these ideals. By gathering girls and young women together we give them tools, knowledge and experiences that help them grow up to be whole-hearted self-empowered adults.

Sitting in circle is a practice that goes back for thousands of years in many cultures. This form of gathering is becoming more popular due to the qualities it offers. Circles create a special space where every individual is equal and can be heard. The use of a talking piece allows a person to have the floor while the rest of the group listen actively without interruption.

In our girls’ circles, we explore many themes, such as friendship, emotional intelligence, self-worth, empowerment, intuition, menstruation, puberty and body sovereignty. We use conversation, storytelling, games, craft, art, meditation, sharing of food, singing, dancing and journaling to build resilience and social skills in a fun, safe, warm and welcoming space. We support parents to guide their daughters to live whole-heartedly and learn valuable life skills with their peers.

To know yourself, to love yourself, to connect with others that also see your worth.

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"The creative and ritual elements they weave into the events bring a lovely element to the circle too which my daughter soaks up."