We named our business Wild, Wise and Worthy because we feel that these three qualities working together in balance are the golden trinity for a whole, healthy woman. Starting at the end with 'worthy'—a quality many of us struggle with—forms the basis for a person to build and grow. Feeling worthy means that we can step forth unabashed and confident into the world. 'Wisdom' is something we grow into, we gather as we tread our path. We are claiming our wisdom as women and we strive to guide girls to connect with their own inner wisdom. And finally, 'wild', that wonderful untamed, adventuring spirit which breathes life and colour and fire into everything we do. 

Our workshops allow girls to explore many topics such as friendship, puberty & menstruation, body sovereignty, intuition, self-worth, self-care, emotional intelligence, courage, empowerment and assertiveness in a fun, safe, warm and welcoming space.

These mentoring circles are a place where we create conversation around the above themes, using story-telling, games, art, craft, meditation, sharing food, singing and journaling to build resilience and social skills.

Our circles all follow a similar format. We create a beautiful space around a centrepiece. After welcoming the girls we run through the etiquette of sitting in circle and then ask the girls to check in. Normally we light a candle and say our name and a word or two about how we are feeling. We use visuals, props, story and games to explore the theme. A healthy morning tea and chai are followed by more sharing in circle, finishing with a craft activity.

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Our desired outcomes

For girls to:

  • feel at home in her body and in the world

  • value her own uniqueness and gifts

  • feel safe and connected

  • take care of self and others with loving kindness

  • be empowered to speak her heart truth with compassion and empathy

  • have reverence and gratitude for all that is.

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

"She felt secure, valued and elated after each session. She now has the confidence to define what friendships mean to her. Highly recommended."


In the beginning (!), I was a shy child. My younger sister was always the confident one. Meeting new people, making friends, and being in large crowds was so unpleasant for me and I was easily embarrassed. As I grew into a teenager, I was still introverted but I covered my lack of self-worth with make-up, fashion and drinking alcohol. It wasn’t always pretty, but I grew out of it, travelled the world, met an Aussie guy in Sydney and ended up married with two kids. When the kids were young, we moved to Perth and I landed in a wonderful community. I experienced my first women’s circle and through that, the power of menstruation, the power of women gathering and that flame of self-doubt began to sputter.

My wish was that my daughter was empowered and fully aware of what her periods were before she started. I wanted her to be able to express herself and feel strong and valued. Making this happen inspired me to want that for all girls. In 2016, I gained a certificate in Journey of Young Women Mentoring where I learnt how to facilitate girls’ circles in these themes.

Around the same time, I joined a voluntary organisation, the non-profit CLAN WA. After a couple of years of volunteering, they employed me as a Family Support Coordinator. This role was peer-based, using the Strengths Approach to help families with parenting issues. I visited families on a weekly basis, listening, offering support, connecting them to the community, honing my pastoral care skills, learning how to ask the right questions and listen with intent.

From 2015 to 2019, I had the honour of working as a high school teacher’s assistant and guardian with an amazing group of teenagers, helping guide the same class throughout their high school journey. This role involved not only in-class support but a large pastoral care role, joining the class on all camps and excursions and building lasting relationships with the students. I also mentor year 12 students through their Steiner based projects.

I am passionate about the ancient tradition of sitting in circle. I have been embraced and empowered by women’s circles for 10 years, a place where I’m accepted in all my facets with love, compassion and non-judgment. I would love all girls to experience the love, joy, inclusion and wisdom this format offers.

My other passion is writing (as well as editing and proofreading) and I have written a collection of short stories for the girls' circles. I have self-published one fiction novel with another few in the pipeline.

I have a 17-year-old daughter and 15-year-old-son who have taught and continue to teach me many lessons in how to be a better person.

My mixture of life experience, training and skills has led me to this deeply rewarding work. Though I am still shy, I have learnt the skills to live a confident life and love who I am. I am therefore inspired to empower girls and young women around their bodies, menstrual cycles, and how they relate to the world and others before they grow into their adult selves. I am a passionate advocate in guiding girls to feel worthy and fully self-expressed.



Eve is passionate and excited to be leading girls’ circles through Wild, Wise and Worthy. Much of her teachings come from her own life experiences. She walks the talk so to speak. Upon reflection, she has gained clarity on what she needed as a girl and young woman and now wants to offer that to others on their journey into womanhood.

Eve is also facilitator, running leadership workshops in various schools through the 'Rites of Passage Institute'. And has been a camp leader for the past 3 years at Perth Waldorf School. Many of the camps' focus has been on leadership and bringing rites of passage elements into these camps.  She has worked with the ‘Rites Together’ organisation which runs rites of passage camps for young adolescents moving into adulthood, where her role was leading the mothers in a leaving ceremony and homecoming ceremony. Eve is a mother to a 7-year-old girl, which inspires and motivates her daily to do this much-needed work.

Over the last 12 years, Eve has worked within schools, organisations, communities and with youth at risk using theatre as a means to explore current issues, strengthening connections through stories and developing communication skills, creativity and self-expression, with ‘Playback theatre’, ‘Act Out – Theatre for Transformation’ and in various community projects around WA.


Her studies include ‘Mentoring Girls and Young Women’, with Journey of Young Women, ‘Global Rites of Passage Leadership Training’ with The Rites of Passage Institute, ‘Into Adulthood, Facilitators Training’ with Adventureworks WA and 'Rites of Passage Leadership Training' with Rites Together. Eve is also an 'Attunement Therapy Practitioner and holds a certificate as a practitioner in NLP.  For the benefit of her own self-development, Eve has completed a wealth of courses and workshops that support her in her work with youth.

Karen and Eve both hold valid Working with Children Checks, First Aid qualifications and insurance.

On booking, please indicate any medical conditions or dietary requirements on registration form.

We ask that parents or guardians have a conversation with us if your child needs support socially or emotionally prior to the circle.

We are proud to support Australian women’s charity Share the Dignity.

Share the Dignity is an Australian Charity bringing dignity to homeless, at-risk and those experiencing domestic violence through the distribution of period products.


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