Queen of her Kingdom March 2021

Throughout the morning, we looked at the meaning of ‘body image’ and how our culture can have a certain way of looking to be considered beautiful. We explored the meaning of beauty and how it applies not only to how we look on the outside, but that it comes from within and shines out.
By playing the 'Personal Bubble' and 'Meet and Greet' games, we learnt about tuning in to how we feel and to be empowered when making decisions about our bodies. We affirmed that we are the queen of our ‘kingdom’, our body, and that we decide what we do with our bodies and that we do not have to conform to societal pressures if we choose not to.
We enjoyed a yummy morning tea and chai and discussed ways we can care for our body in both the physical, emotional and mental sense. The girls really enjoyed making a clay goddess or queen for our craft activity.