Our Circles

We offer circles in many different formats:

  • Circles for girls where we gather together in person

  • Mother and daughter circles

  • Online circles for those near and far

  • We come to schools, events, or your own venues.

  • We can tailor circles to meet your young person’s requirements. Perhaps your daughter has a special birthday party that she would like to celebrate in a unique but meaningful way with a beautiful connecting circle of friends.

  • One-on-one mentoring.

We welcome you to contact us to discuss your ideas and suggestions where we can create a program that suits.


Friendship Circles

Friendship is one of the most important things in a girl's life, but it's sometimes challenging to navigate. As parents, it can be heartbreaking to witness our children's struggles. 'Bitchiness', exclusion and feeling judged by peers are common in so-called friendship circles.


In our circle, we aim to address this and create new ways to have more joyful, nourishing and healthy relationships. Here we open conversations with girls, giving them the opportunity to share any current issues they may be facing within their friendship circles.


Common themes are bullying, peer pressure, trust, new friendships, conflict and dynamics. The circle's journey will consist of storytelling, role-playing, games and activities, craft and sharing some delicious food and chai.

We offer tools that can help, like using ‘I’ statements and recognizing their own strengths, remembering that unwelcome behaviour, words or actions are not about them, developing compassion and understanding and how to ask for support.

Queen of her Kingdom

Body sovereignty is perhaps a term that is not familiar to everyone. It means to command ownership of your body, to understand and create boundaries and be responsible for the health of the beautiful vessel we are blessed with. As parents we want our daughters to have a positive body image and for them to feel at peace, confident and love the body they’ve been born into.

In this safe and welcoming circle, we look at what it means to be in charge of your own body, how we define beauty, what body image is and the value of taking care of it. Using story, games, conversation and art activities we inspire girls to be empowered to look after and know the wonder of their bodies.

Puberty & Menstruation

Puberty is a special time in a girl’s journey, rich with growth, change and discovering the world within and without. It can also be daunting and a little excruciating to put into words. Many girls find it an uncomfortable topic yet are full of questions.

This circle aims to gently unfurl the wonders of puberty and menstruation by using the four seasons as a landscape of the monthly cycle. We familiarise the girls with some of the language and names of menstruation and puberty and encourage them to embrace this exciting new phase.

We use story, visuals, and conversation to explore the topic with a chance to anonymously ask questions and a basket of all the kit and kaboodle needed for their moon time.

We cater this circle to the age group and discuss with parents prior how much information will be shared.

Mother & Daughter

This circle is a beautiful connecting time where mothers and daughters sit in circle to open up conversations about sensitive issues like puberty, the changing body, body image and sovereignty. It’s a lovely opportunity to strengthen and celebrate the mother/daughter bond. Our aim is for participants to recognise their self-worth and strengths, build trust and openness and be able to communicate in the language of the menstrual cycle and growing up.


As always, we create a warm and welcoming space where we gather around a central altar. We open the circle by checking in and ease into the morning with a gentle activity to create a safe container. We use story, visual activities and conversation to guide us through the beauty and practicalities of the menstrual cycle, using the four seasons as a metaphor for traveling through each lunar cycle. We present the anatomy in a fun, visual and interactive way with opportunities to ask questions both into the circle or anonymously.


My daughter attended a recent circle and loved it.
She came home full of news and ideas as well as boosted confidence.
She definitely wants to go to a future session and said Karen and Eve were wonderful.
Thank you, ladies. I wish there had been girls' circle when I was young. My mum thinks the same too!

Emma Aug  2019

My daughter has attended three of these girls’ circles and benefited greatly each time.
She comes away enriched and empowered and hungry for more!
The deep respect Eve and Karen show the girls is transformative in itself, taking their journey and experience seriously.
The creative and ritual elements they weave into the events bring a lovely element to the circle too which my daughter soaks up.
Every time she comes home from one of these circles my daughter tells me she wants to go to the next one as soon as possible!
I’m grateful Karen and Eve offer girls this wonderful safe and honouring process for coming to grips with what it means to be a girl.

Lou June 2019

My 10 yo attended a girls' circle held by Karen and Eve. She enjoyed the discussions and activities. She felt secure, valued and elated after each session. She now has the confidence to define what friendships mean to her. Highly recommended.

Anna Dec 2018