How Wild, Wise and Worthy girls' circles were dawned in the wild West

Synchronicity is a beautiful thing— when timing and place come together in perfect grace. Here is the story of how Eve and I met.

When I first joined a women’s circle, I explored the menstrual cycle more deeply than I ever had. At around that time I also read the book ‘Her Blood is Gold’ by Lara Owen. Both these blew my mind. I was surprised at how silly I had been not to question or be curious about this amazing cycle—that I thought—interrupted my life every four weeks. I was inspired to get to know myself in a completely new way, and only just in time as it would turn out, thanks to menopause marching in and changing everything! This preamble is important because I have a daughter and I was passionate that she would not live in the ignorance and social mores I’d been embedded in. I wanted us to celebrate her menarche and give her the insider knowledge that I hadn’t been given. I set about collecting many items to put in a gift pack for her when the time came of her first period. I really enjoyed this process and I wondered if I could make a business of it. In light of this, I was drawn to taking an online course called ‘Journey of Young Women’ by a woman called Katharine Krueger in America, learning how to facilitate girls’ circles. I pursued the business idea but I never quite managed to get it off the ground and I didn’t feel ready to run girls’ circles at that time. I was busy with my children, a job and a shifting personal life.

A couple of years later, in my job as Teacher’s Assistant and Guardian with a class of high school students, we were going on our year 10 camp. I wasn’t even sure if I’d make the camp as I’d rushed off to Spain two weeks prior to my dying Dad’s bedside. However, the universe guided me home just in time to go. I had one day back at school after flying from Europe to prepare, the weekend to pack and we were off first thing Monday morning. We were headed to a huge rock called Warrdagga. It’s a 5-hour drive, 450km northeast of Perth. The nearest town was 60km away. We were in the true outback! This unique landmark, with rock pools and caves was once a meeting place for three indigenous tribes where they traded eucalypt gum, ochre and was said to be the place they exchanged their young women for inter-tribal marriage to keep bloodlines healthy. It is also a culturally significant site where women came to birth.

There were a number of facilitators on the camp from outside our school and one of them was Eve. The class was split into three groups and I found myself teamed up with Eve for the week-long camp. As we set off to explore the area, we immediately found we had so much to talk about. It turns out her life path had also led her to do the same ‘Journey of Young Women’ training I had! Eve had also nurtured the idea of a ‘moon basket’ but we had both stalled in getting any traction on our ideas. It felt incredible to connect with someone with similar dreams.

The Journey of Young Women training suggests that girls’ circles should be co-mentored. But where does one find a like-minded, skilled and passionate partner in this niche field of mentoring groups of girls? Well, it turns out the Australian outback is very rich in resources and I had struck gold! In this remote place, I had met the missing part of my dreams and soon after the camp we met up and formed Wild, Wise and Worthy Girls’ Circles.

As we have grown our business, we have delighted in how our unique skill sets have filled the spaces a new venture creates. There are parts of the work where Eve shines bright. She is a skilled facilitator, articulate speaker and deep-thinker who can pose just the right questions for us to find the solutions we seek. There are parts which I love curating, the writing of stories for our circles, the tinkering with tech and admin side of things. We are a yin and yang mix of extrovert and introvert and one always picks up the slack when the other is in flux.

We feel so blessed to have met in the wild west, at that sacred feminine site to run our mentoring circles for girls and we are relishing co-creating our dreams long into the future.

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