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Back in 2017 when Eve and I first met, we discovered that we both had an idea to start a business that produced gift boxes or moon baskets for girls who were about to have their first period. Instead, we developed our workshops for girls, encompassing empowerment around body image, body sovereignty, puberty and menstruation and more.

Our circles promoted and guided girls into being empowered in emotional, social and physical aspects. In our mother and daughter workshop, Growing Bodies and Cycle Wisdom, we talk about working with the inner seasons of the menstrual cycle and the magic these times can offer—deep self-knowledge, time to be active and time to be quiet, balance, flow of creativity and growth. We wish women to view their menstrual cycle as a positive, something to be embraced and celebrated. So it is with great pleasure that we have finally come full circle and are now offering these special gifts for girls at menarche.

We took some time to ponder what it really is that a girl would need and want at this time of her first period, and what values we wanted to be reflected in our business.

First and foremost were the means to collect the blood. At first, we had envisioned having beautiful pads, and we explored different suppliers and designs. We found a lack of affordable pads with the look we wanted. This led to us rethinking the pads altogether, realizing that times and ways had moved on—many women were now turning to period undies instead of reusable and disposable pads. Many women report these are a more comfortable and convenient way of managing their menstrual cycle.

We discovered a business in Perth called My Humble Earth (now Emflower) run by Jessica Ross. She has designed period undies made from soft bamboo and sourced from high-quality, sustainable and natural materials. Both her ethos and design aligned with ours, and we are thrilled to have them in our boxes.

As girls grow into puberty, their bodies are going through so many physical changes driven by fluctuating hormones. These changes produce sometimes unwanted manifestations, such as body hair, acne, heavier perspiration and changes in body odour.

One of our tenets in our girls’ circles is ‘all of you is welcome’. We guide girls into loving and accepting themselves at all times. We have included a beautiful range of skin and body products by Flower Folk Remedies. Laura Egan organically grows most of the plants for her beautiful, gentle, flower essence-infused products in her own West Australian garden and sources the remainder locally and ethically. The face cream smells divine, the face cleansing grains leave your skin feeling noticeably smoother, and the natural deodorant means that a sporty event or hot summer’s day will not impact anyone in the nose department!

We encourage both young and older menstruating women to flow with their cycle consciously. This awareness brings so many riches both emotionally, spiritually and physically. We believe it is so important for women to give themselves the time for self-care throughout the month, but especially while bleeding. That is why we have included a candle. Made in WA from ethically sourced, cruelty-free ingredients by the Beauty Barista, Ara Kelly-Anderson, these hand-poured soy candles are infused with crystal chips for added potency. We invite girls to use the candle to intentionally take some time. To light it and relax in some way—to listen to music or lie under a tree. To take a bath and use the face grains. To journal or read a book. To do some craft or watch a movie. The lighting of the candle serves to focus this time of rest and self-care.

The menstrual cycle comes with four distinct phases. The pre-menstrual phase can bring on cravings for something sweet and the menstrual phase can be eased by the serotonin-inducing and delicious act of consuming chocolate. So we had to include a sweet treat in our box somehow. Enter Jane Sawicki, the Cacao Medium. What Jane offers with her ethically sourced Mayan ceremonial cacao—bought directly from Ruk’u’x’ulew Women’s Collective in Guatemala—is so much more than a sweet treat. Jane infuses her cacao with Western Australian flower essences. She has formulated a special blend with three flower essences for our boxes. These essences are carefully selected for their healing qualities that girls may need at this stage in their life:

Correa Orchid—inspires self-acceptance, helps to release any negative self-concepts, and strengthens the self-image and self-confidence to believe in success.

Yellow Coneflower—brings the awareness that the only opinion that matters is the one we hold about ourselves. Brings inner contentment and allows one to recognise their own self-worth.

Brown Boronia—helps to release anxiety and worrisome thoughts, allowing for acceptance, joy and peace in the moment.

All the products we have selected for the box are created here in Western Australia by woman-run small businesses. All these women carefully source their raw materials and consciously create their products whilst also giving back to their chosen community in some way. We are so happy to support women in business with such caring hearts and passion to give goodness back into the human world and the planet. Our boxes are beautifully, thoughtfully packaged and include affirmation cards and a postcard with more information on periods. We have called our first box Bud to Blossom. We are tremendously proud of our creation and think you will love it too.

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