The Bud to Blossom Box

This beautiful flower-inspired box is filled with the things your girl needs for her first period.

  • Two pairs of soft bamboo leak-proof, eco-friendly period undies from Emflower will give her confidence and comfort.
  • Hand-poured aromatic soy candle with crystals to mark her time for rest and self-care during her period.
  • Floral 'n clay cleansing grains by Flower Folk Remedies to help look after the change in skin during puberty.
  • Natural Violet Deodorant by Flower Folk Remedies to mitigate changes to body odour that sometimes comes with a girl's growing body.
  • Vanilla, rose and chamomile lipbalm by Flower Folk Remedies, just because!
  • Ceremonial cacao with with flower essences by the Cacao Medium to indulge in the cravings for chocolate and wrap her in this special blend especially for a girl going through puberty.
  • Affirmation cards to remind her she is beautiful, wise, worthy and totally accepted.

Bud to Blossom First Period Gift Box