We read many books and come across some awesome resources and useful information. Here are those we recommend.


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Isn’t that what we all want for our girls (and boys)? It’s the foundation of our workshops. We believe that if they value themselves, then they possess courage and resilience to cope with whatever they may meet in their lives. This book breaks it down into seven characteristics: she has a power perspective; she has body confidence; she owns her body; she is calm; she is independent and masterful; she has strong relationships, and she is herself.

Each chapter offers down-to-earth, doable, practical ideas to help your girl. The tone is informal and relatable, written from both the perspective of parents (the authors are a couple with two girls) and from a professional body of work in research and journalism.

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Lucy Peach is a local (for us) Perth woman of many talents. She’s a sex educator, singer/song writer, show performer and writer. An all-round champion who can talk women’s business like a, well, queen.


I loved this book. I want all girls and young women to read it. Heck, even older non-cycling women like me. Lucy artfully describes and gives practical advice for the menstruating woman in a down-to-earth yet humorous way. She doesn’t package the menstrual cycle in pretty bows and ribbons, yet she portrays its beauty and power when women get to know themselves and work with it.


Lucy describes the four phases of a cycle as dream, do, give and take. When I first discovered seeing the cycle as four inner seasons of winter, spring, summer and autumn it was a revelation, but I also really love this alternative. Lucy describes how our hormonal changes are reflected in the behaviour these different phases promote. In turn, we can organise our lives to be in sync with the physical and emotional states that are a result of that beautiful female cycle.


This book is written in a cool lingo that young women, tween and teenage girls will relate too. It’s laugh out loud, authentic and packed with all the info.

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Alexandra Pope is one of the earliest pioneers in awakening women to the power of the period. Along with fertility expert Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer, they founded the Red School teaching women about menstruality and went on to write this practical, revealing and empowering book.

Wild Power describes both the physical aspects of the menstrual cycle and the spiritual. They describe three maps to help women tune in to their rhythm, including the four inner seasons. This is the perfect read for any woman, menstruating or not to gain deep insights into the wonder of the feminine.

Websites & businesses we love

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Penny Champ and Anne-Marie Hoyne have been tending the fire of the Women's Hearth for over 12 years with love, passion, joy and reverence.

Karen has been attending their circles and retreats for most of those years. Each and every one brings insights and deep connection, each one is fresh, fun and heartfelt, every time she comes away with a full cup and a happy heart.


Mikey Dyson of the Good Blokes Co is not just a good bloke but an all-round champion. He facilitates workshops for men, fathers and sons and mothers and sons.
Karen experienced one of Mike's retreats with her 14-year-old son in 2020. Mike and his team are brilliant at creating a space that caters to both the Mums and the boys—no easy feat given the difference between the two! With an ideal balance of sitting in circle and playing energetic games, Mike managed to foster and understanding between mums and sons. We came away with a much deeper connection, compassion and love which has lasted.

Eve has had the pleasure of helping facilitate workshops with Mikey in schools.

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Sarah Martin has created a beautiful app and website bringing together all the wonderful threads of women's work in Western Australia. Wild, Wise and Worthy are thrilled to be the first recipients of this brand new initiative, allowing two girls to receive a circle free of charge.


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